Tuesday, February 14, 2017

21D430AM Challenge - Day 8 & 9

Day 7: 12- Feb-Sunday

The word week end has actually has burried in my mind to take a lean excuse on things that i am focusing across. Today inspite of getting out of sleep @ 4.30 AM i stepped out of bed at 6.30 AM only and all my thoughts were running around to plug in the excuse to stay away from my routines and this happened all day. Not much of productive across. So need to plan it at least when i am alone.

Day 8: 13- Feb-Monday

It was the beginnng of the week and now i wanted to make sure that the plan works for five days and as planned i woke up @ 4.30 AM and moved out of bed by 5.30 AM. 

I am seeing the pattern of waking up and coming out of bed is consuming considerable amount of time. So need to work out to remove this time lag here. So now i have planned to measure this too..

But both days there was amazing morning stills from the nature.

Sunday, February 12, 2017

21D430AM Challenge - Day 7

The week end hangover made me think of all the excuses and pushed me back on the bed even after getting up around 4.30 AM. I Went to bed but looks the body was looking for rest so i said OK. But looks this is the threshhold that i need to break and make sure the consistency is there. Once again this is becoming the mind vs body game. So need to keep me motivated across. Even i skipped my exercise routines today. #Stayfocussed. Overall 5/7 is the score and the week 1 is completed.

Saturday, February 11, 2017

21D430AM Challenge - Day 6

Today was not my day, slept long as the week end fever was up. So previous night i was hanging with the mobile  and Tv for long time and actually hit the bed @ 1.00 PM only. Inspite late to bed i woke up @ 4.30 AM but could not move out from the bed and i myself carried an excuse of getting up late and i got up @ 6.30 am. Could feel the unrest during my run and managed to do a 10 KM in 70 Minutes. But i can feel that the sleep was not enough and planned to hit the bed early.
I am making up mind to put a time for Social Media and will be exploring its possibility and planning to add it some time soon. As plan of that i have switched all the Mobile alerts in the home screen which reduces the curiosity. 
Over all the body is aligning well and feeling good..

Friday, February 10, 2017

21D430AM Challenge - Day 5.

I am feeling that the biological clock is getting aligned and i am able to be wake up almost quickly from the bed. And one thing that i am ensuring is that i reach to the bed by 10.00 PM and post that it takes some more time to go on sleep mode. I am looking myself more Time conscious and more to learn from up coming days.

Thursday, February 9, 2017

21D430AM Challenge - Day 4

As the first milestone is crossed now the confidence of completing this challenge  is actually increasing and see some people are also interested on this and they are joining this band. Now i am seeing a pattern that in the morning and also clearing some of the clutter. I am now utilizing this time to ensure there is no backlogs in any of official mails and activities. Interestingly i have pulled up my time that i start running. Collectively seeing good sign of improvement in overall time management.

Wednesday, February 8, 2017

21D430AM Challenge - Day 3 #Hatrick

This is the 3rd day and i consider to be the first milestone. Need to be more productive so i have to be on hibernate mode  on the social media during this hours unless there was some requirements. The day was good and i need to tweak my food habbits for the dinner and pull it up early to manage the sleep and control the body system. All this 3 days helped me to be consistent on my running and on my fitness regime to. Hope to monitor some of the parameters over that

Tuesday, February 7, 2017

21D430AM Challenge - Day 2

Today  i made it public that i will be taking up this challenge for next 3 weeks and the responses were good. Many were curious to know what i am doing and why i am doing etc. It was day 2 and i actually woke up at 4.30 and again getting off from the bed was not instant. The day went well with my usual mail cleansing / organizing things and gave me some ample time to go on my running and workouts. Again i came to bed around 10.00 PM , consciously Early to Bed is now running in my mind. I found to be energetic during the day apart the work was usual.

Monday, February 6, 2017

21D430AM Challenge - Day 1

I was always thinking of getting up early in the morning and manage the chores of work. So i am myself getting into this challenge of getting up @ 4.30 AM for next 21 Continuous days and assuming that this will be becoming a routine from then.
As i planned for it i decided that i will hit the bed @ 10.00 PM and get up @ 4.30 AM to allow body to have ample sleep.
Yesterday was Day1-
The day went well and managed to get wake up @ 4.15 but landed out of bed after 30 Mins. Had ample time for my walk, clean my mails, Take some old action items.
Managed to hit the bed early too.