Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Simplyfly - By Capt.Gopinath

This is one book i always wanted to read. When the Deccan aviation was in the peak of the glory , i have read articles about his journey, but they were bits and pieces, after reading this book i came to know so much things about the amazing journey he has made up. The way he scaled up,  the journey everything is so beautifully illustrated.

I have never read a book in such a pace and i had this book last Sunday and i could not believe that i have completed yesterday night. The book should be in the mandate reading list if you are anytime into an entrepreneurship journey. The risks he has taken during every course of this journey and the patience he has planted to achieve this is enormous.

I read this book like a thriller novel and it has a sad ending with the mergers,selling etc. But across his  journey he really puts many things that  you can dot it down and can be helpful somewhere in your life.

When every one buys a rolex watch to showoff, he has been awarded a rolex watch as contribution to the organic farming, it surely displays the amount of enthusiasm , dedication, determination that he has invested even in such simple things.
He looks like is a man of innovation and many evidence are apparent and detailed out.

This books goes into my Read it , Read it again , Again , Again list.

Thursday, February 7, 2013

Born To Run - Bible for Runners

I have never read any book related to running till now. I am novice to running and will have my running anniversary only in the month of May 2013 in terms of participating in an event. But After my first event i was recommended to read the book BORN TO RUN. After i completing it now , i realize that even before i bought the running shoes i should have bought this book or picked from the local library ( accidentally i got it in a English literature section).

Such an amazing book, i don't remember so much things from the book but one bottom line i realize from this book is that running is not to be made complicated like it is discussed across in many forums.It is a natural capability that we always had from the birth. We didn't utilize them or we forgot that we had such an amazing capability. 

I never knew that running is the biggest sport participated in this world. I can imagine that in each marathon there are thousands of runners participate. And every year one million people register for marathon.

This book also grazes across the sports injuries and on statistics every runner at least get injured at least once in a year(I am victim of it now). And another amazing fact is , even the advanced running shoes doesn't guarantee you on any injury free running and covers a beautiful subject about the Barefoot running.

It also covers some of the ultra marathons that you will dare to dream.

It covers so many thing and in my view this book is a guide to understand our ability to run, a medical guide to understand the anatomy of our feet, collection of inspiring stories, get to know the running legends,Great races.

I Planned to Read it again, again and again.

Wednesday, February 6, 2013

What is happening with running?

It is almost 30 days before i have put my shoes to run. I had so many target for this year with atleast one HM every month.Everything started well in the begining days of year..then happened my first miss of muthu marathon on a personal reason. Then the target was for the Jan27 HM of Cool runners in midway of preparation met with an ankle injury and now with a big Plaster of Paris on my left leg. so which will take my next 2 weeks to remove this and 2 more weeks on the Ankle Binder. Which will cost my Dream Run on the Auroville also to be missed. So straight 3 events missed.

With all said above i am now putting up a still heavy target of an ENTICER TRIATHLON on march 24. Will i  and I WILL is the Q& A running up at different instances on my mind.

But for sure i will complete my reading run on the Book BORN TO RUN which i have taken from the Biggest library of chennai.

Reading this book and plan to Re Read, Re Read, Re Read so such amazing things in it..