Thursday, April 16, 2009

IT Company - FreePool - What to do ?

FreePool- few months back people were happily enjoying the time when they were back from a project. They had some amount of time to get into new project or to have a break from the old assighnments.
But today the trend is different , people are so worried if they are in the freepool. it is because , if the company plans for downsizing their headcount this is the first area to be attacked to sack the employees.So everyone wants to be in any one of the project having some billability.

what to do if You are in freepool?
Surely all the IT companies have a percentage of strength to be placed in the freepool.
if you are one among them then see that you are working as below
1. Get trained in some new dimensional products or in the new version of your platform
as people in the project would not be able to work on the same.
2. Get in touch with your managers and get to know about the latest trend in your platform
3. You can help someone in currently in the project, such that in case of any resource requirement you will have preference.
4. Utilize your time in upgrading you knowledge through examinations conducted through internal / external organisations.
5. In case if you have updated or acquired new skill set ensure that it is communicated to your managers or update in the skills set tool - this will help the organisation to pick you up immediately if there is any requirement.

The above are few inputs that we can follow are do if we are in a freepool.

As i discussed about do's i also wanted to mention few points about Dont's
1.Dont just enter the company for the purpose of attendance only.Ensure that you meet some key people once in a while and remind them about your presence.
2. Dont keep you away from the happenings of the organisation.

Wednesday, April 15, 2009

IT company - Job Sacking style

I have been hearing of what is happening in the IT companies with related to the Job sacking, i have even witnessed the same for few of my friends in my and other orgainsations.

1.There is no notice issued to the employers about the firing.
2.If the employee is present in the office all the credentials are first blocked
3.The access to the office is completely removed.
4.A phone call is given from the HR to contact them.
5.They give him a piece of paper about for the removal from the payroll.
6.All the financial settlements which have been already prepared are handed over to him along with his experience certificate.
7.A final good bye from them

In few cases the initial entry to the office itself denied by removing the credentials of the acess card and the security office or the front office informs them to contact the HR.

it is so sad for someone who have contributed sincerely in his past tenure , nothing have been considered just through a simple phone call everything gets over.