Sunday, May 7, 2017

Give Back Session - Current Trends in the IT for MBA Grads

                        It was indeed a double delight when my travel plans was in sync with the planned guest lecture session to the SNT GAMSAT  college,an exclusive management education academy. As the complete audience was the MBA graduates the topic was aligned with one of the academic papers which was about the Role of the Information Management in ERP, E-Business, E-Governance,BigData, etc.
                  My current project was consuming all my time and i was not able to fully focus on the topics but as i planned to not to go more technical i managed to quickly wind up conceptually on the topics. But as i planned to give some take aways through the slide i have to rely on my transit time during my flights to complete the PPT.
                                      I reached the college as planned @ 9.30 am and had a good reception and discussion with the principal and with regular intros we started the session around 9.45AM. I tried to make the session more interactive and the response started to pickup after few of the casual talks. I was able to understand that the students had lot of questions but hesitant to throw it up to the speaker. So i have to pull them up with many leads and ensure the session was driven interactively. As they were of Management graduates i wanted to keep not much of IT terms but to drive the session with the business terms.
                            We had a quick break and during this break time had an opportunity to visit the facilities of the college. The college was completely Wi-Fi and it is completely accessible to the students , the library was good and the buy 1000 books per year with subscription to many journals and industry publications.It had computer lab with all latest statistical software loaded and for a bigger surprise every student has his own PC with 24/7 access. 

The second half had some more momentum as the topics was on the E-Business, Social Marketing etc for which the students had good response. And the topic on the E-Governance pulled us to discuss on some of the social issues and the roles of individuals etc.And considering the time limit i quickly wrapped up on the CMMI and other topics.
so during the conclusion when were about to wind up the whole session , the Assistant professor introduced me once again to the students that i was her own brother which ended up as sweet surprise to the students.
          I enjoyed the session and as i write this i was also given a good feedback from the students. I personally felt that students are still dis-engaged with the current trends of the industry. I have discussed few points and have to move forward to get them prepared to face the institutions.

Sunday, April 9, 2017

Lord of Ring Road - SPRR Ultra - Dont Miss it.

It Was some time in the beginning of March there was an event posted in the Facebook about the SPRR 2017 and one my friend JaiHaithi (Ahemedabad) has shown interest on the same.As i checked for the details across it ended up in knowing about the route which was 76 Kms for and have to be done in the full ring road which means you will be running on the SP Ring Road.

 I wanted to give a try and immediately signed up for it was  mentioned that this will be a self supported Ultra run with no medals and any fancy stuffs across. So just to check on the endurance i registered myself. The whats app group formed after that was used to discuss and post about many things. The event which was to be a self support started to land with many support from many individuals in the due course and before the race day  there were many things that landed for the runners which includes there were multiple cars and volunteers en route  to help you.

As my recent second city is Ahmadabad i am now unofficially running with the ADR PNG group which has many "Running Souls"  who help all the beginner, amateurs, professionals to scale up . I did few runs with this group and have few familiar faces now.

April 8th Evening 6.00 PM and all the runners assembled in the decathlon for collecting the BIB and pre race updates.and post that the event was flagged of by the SPRR team.

As this was a long race i just planned to go by some distance and the circles which we will be crossing every time. The first 10 KMS was good and managed to complete in 1 Hour 15 Mins and later the  20th  Km came at 2.45 Mins. I was able to sense that my pace was coming down and the main reason i think is the improper hydration or excess intake of fluids that were going inside my body. When i reached the 30 KM mark i saw that i have consumed more than 5 hours for this. At the 30th KM we were served with some carbo (Idly) which was actually good and i felt that i had some of my energy back and i was able to push the 42km at 7 Hours this included my Run / Walk Strategy.
The last 6 KM become terrible as the weather was becoming cold and as the biological clock was pushing me for the sleep. I was reminding of some one telling me that always the 'The race starts after you covered your 3/4 distance". And finally managed to reach the 50the KM mark @ around 9 Hours, which was against my original plan of 8 Hours.
Even though i wanted to complete the 76 Kms considering the response my body was giving i felt to end at that point.
And Mr.Ameet who is known to all as Dadda gave me a good stretch and accommodated me in his car to switch my role as volunteer  for the remaining runners who were already ahead and were enroute towards the finish line. This helped me come across few of the determined souls across age groups pushing their body limits, challenging the mental barriers and carrying them towards the finish line. With tons of memories i say that i will conquer this Lord Of the Ring Roads if not this year surely in 2018 edition.

Lessons Learnt:
1) Proper Hydration  / Food intake during the Run.
2) Constant Pace to be maintained.
3) More Endurance practice/ Cross training

Wednesday, March 1, 2017

21D430AM- How i Failed !

My First Attempt has failed after following this regime for 10 days. As there was a unplanned travel and subsequent course of events on my personal front made me stay away from this challenge. But this is mere excuse as ideally this should have given me a one or day break only. I need to restart and that to immediately.
Lessons Learnt:
1. More time and effective planning was experienced during this days.
2. I was more conscious of how my time was invested or wasted.
3. Early to bed and healthy eating habits is always needed.

Will keep you posted as i start my next phase of journey on this eventually by tomorrow.

Tuesday, February 14, 2017

21D430AM Challenge - Day 8 & 9

Day 7: 12- Feb-Sunday

The word week end has actually has burried in my mind to take a lean excuse on things that i am focusing across. Today inspite of getting out of sleep @ 4.30 AM i stepped out of bed at 6.30 AM only and all my thoughts were running around to plug in the excuse to stay away from my routines and this happened all day. Not much of productive across. So need to plan it at least when i am alone.

Day 8: 13- Feb-Monday

It was the beginnng of the week and now i wanted to make sure that the plan works for five days and as planned i woke up @ 4.30 AM and moved out of bed by 5.30 AM. 

I am seeing the pattern of waking up and coming out of bed is consuming considerable amount of time. So need to work out to remove this time lag here. So now i have planned to measure this too..

But both days there was amazing morning stills from the nature.

Sunday, February 12, 2017

21D430AM Challenge - Day 7

The week end hangover made me think of all the excuses and pushed me back on the bed even after getting up around 4.30 AM. I Went to bed but looks the body was looking for rest so i said OK. But looks this is the threshhold that i need to break and make sure the consistency is there. Once again this is becoming the mind vs body game. So need to keep me motivated across. Even i skipped my exercise routines today. #Stayfocussed. Overall 5/7 is the score and the week 1 is completed.

Saturday, February 11, 2017

21D430AM Challenge - Day 6

Today was not my day, slept long as the week end fever was up. So previous night i was hanging with the mobile  and Tv for long time and actually hit the bed @ 1.00 PM only. Inspite late to bed i woke up @ 4.30 AM but could not move out from the bed and i myself carried an excuse of getting up late and i got up @ 6.30 am. Could feel the unrest during my run and managed to do a 10 KM in 70 Minutes. But i can feel that the sleep was not enough and planned to hit the bed early.
I am making up mind to put a time for Social Media and will be exploring its possibility and planning to add it some time soon. As plan of that i have switched all the Mobile alerts in the home screen which reduces the curiosity. 
Over all the body is aligning well and feeling good..

Friday, February 10, 2017

21D430AM Challenge - Day 5.

I am feeling that the biological clock is getting aligned and i am able to be wake up almost quickly from the bed. And one thing that i am ensuring is that i reach to the bed by 10.00 PM and post that it takes some more time to go on sleep mode. I am looking myself more Time conscious and more to learn from up coming days.